2012 is going to be a big year for Destin weddings on the beach. Brides are coming to the beach for a beach wedding to save on the coast of a church wedding and large reception. A beach wedding offers a romantic setting with the sea breeze and the waves crashing on the shore and for a sunset beach wedding you will enjoy the amazing coastal sunsets we have. Brides and groom will love the beach rental homes or condos to stay in overlooking the Gulf.

When planning your Destin beach wedding make sure you have your wedding at the right time of day. The best time for a beach wedding is one hour before sunset don’t be pushed into a afternoon wedding as you and your guests will be very hot and the beach is very crowded making for a not so great wedding. With a sunset wedding you and you guests will be cooler and more happy and you will enjoy the fantastic sunset. Also with a sunset wedding it is the best time of the day for you beach wedding photos it’s called the magic hour.

All our packages include Professional wedding photography not snap shots and you will have edited images with some photo special effects and a full master DVD of image to make print from. Packages also include a on-line gallery for 60 days.

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