Destin Wedding Checklist for a Destin beach wedding

Planning your Destin beach wedding.

12 + Months

• Envision your Destin dream wedding the beach the water the sun Wow!!.
• Decide on a budget $$.
• Pick a date.
• Book and lock in your date with us (At The Beach Weddings)

9-11 Months

• Book a reception site if you are going to have a reception or set up a Destin beach house for this.
• Decide whether you want your Destin wedding to be big or small. Create a mock wedding guest list.
• Choose bridesmaids/groomsmen.
• If you have not done so Book and lock in your date with us (At The Beach Weddings)
• Book a Engagement or bridal session with us we set a side Mondays for Engagement and bridal sessions.
• Choose a color scheme for your Destin beach wedding including a wedding arch or set up from our beach wedding selection.
• Decide on a caterer and begin creating a menu if you are having a beach reception.
• Shop for your wedding gown or Destin beach wedding dress.
• Finalize the guest list.
• Begin your search for bands or DJs at the reception if needed. We can help.
• Find out about tent and lighting rentals if your wedding reception is outdoors.

6-8 Months

• Buy your beach wedding gown.
• Book a reception band or DJ if needed.
• Register for gifts.
• Locate a baker and choose your wedding cake design. (Publix dose a great job at making beach wedding cakes and at good price.) Yumm Yumm
• Start shopping for bridesmaids dresses and collect necessary measurements from your attendants.
• Choose a beach wedding florist. See our vender list for help.
• Set aside blocks of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.
• Reserve a videographer if needed. (Professional Photography is included in all or Destin beach wedding packages.)
• Send out save-the-date cards to all guests.
• Book any ceremony musicians. See our vendor list for help
• Order your invitations with plenty of extra envelopes.
• Finalize the menu and service details with your caterer for your beach reception.

4-5 Months

• Decide what kind of formal beach wear your groom will be wearing. Or no formal wear hay its a beach wedding we see everything from shorts to Linen pants, Yoga pants to White pants to a full black tux. Just remember it gets hot on the beach so a black tux on the beach in summer will be very hot!! Some grooms go for a barefoot beach wedding or sandails.
• Reserve tables, chairs and any other rental equipment you might need for your beach wedding reception.
• Book your travel reservations if your are flying.
• Decide what the groomsmen will be wearing.
• Compile a packet of hotel reservation and city information for out-of-town guests and mail it out.
• Book Destin hotel rooms for your wedding night or a Destin condo or beach house..

2-3 Months

• Make sure the groomsmen have all the information they need to buy or rent their beach wedding attire.
• Come to Destin for your engagement or bridal sessions if your booked one with us.
• Choose accessories for your attendants. See our Destin wedding accessories website Here
• Purchase beach wedding rings.
• Make sure your attendants have purchased their dresses and accessories.
• Make or buy beach wedding favors.
• Buy any special lingerie for your beach wedding dress.
• Confirm delivery date for your bridesmaid’s dresses.
• Address and mail your Destin beach wedding invitations.
• Confirm the delivery date for your wedding gown and schedule fittings.
• Arrange for all insurance policies to include you and your future spouse: health, homeowners, auto and life insurance.
• Send wedding bands to be engraved.
• Make sure the groom has all the accessories he needs. Margarita blender shot glass ect.
• Arrange Destin wedding day transportation for your wedding party and guests if needed..

6 Weeks
• Purchase your bridal accessories (veil, shoes, beach wedding sandals.)
• Confirm reservations for out-of-town guests.
• Arrange for a babysitter for the reception, if needed.
• Buy a beach wedding guest book and a nice pen.
• Make an appointment to take the veil to your hairstylist and make sure your current hairstyle and veil work well together. The beach can be very windy so make sure you are prepared for the wind and have a back up plan to not use a veil if it is to windy.
• Buy gifts for all attendants in the beach wedding.

3-4 Weeks
• Finish and print beach wedding ceremony programs as needed.
• Create a list of songs for the DJ to play at the reception if needed.
• Do paperwork for official documents if you are changing your name.
• Work out wedding day timing and details and draw up a schedule.
• Make sure you have your garter and “something old, new, borrowed and blue.”
• Pick up your beach wedding gown.
• Plan a party or go out for cocktails to thank your attendants for all their help.
• Confirm headcount, delivery time, and location with cake maker.
• Call guests who haven’t RSVP’d for the beach wedding.
• Call location or house manager and make sure your beach wedding vendors will have access to the site for loading in and set up..

1-2 Weeks

• Start putting together the seating plan if there’s a seated reception meal.
• Finalize seating chart. Buy materials for and make place cards.
• Shop and pack for the beach honeymoon.
• Confirm and pay all final payment amounts with your vendors.
• Plan any additional night-before activities with friends or attendants.
• Distribute wedding day directions, schedule, and contact list to all parents, attendants, and vendors.
• Designate who will meet, greet, and handle each vendor on the wedding day.
• Put together an overnight bag for your beach wedding night and designate someone to deliver it to the hotel or your beach house room.
• Leave a copy of your honeymoon itinerary with someone in case of an emergency.
• Put final payments and cash tips in marked envelopes and give to a designated family or friend to distribute on the beach wedding day.
• Get a manicure and pedicure and confirm beauty appointments for your Destin beach wedding day.
• Designate someone to collect the wedding gifts brought to the party.

Day Before
• Pull together beach wedding gown, veil, shoes, stockings, and a last-minute emergency kit (aspirin, makeup, safety pins, mints, etc.).
• Confirm all Destin beach wedding specific honeymoon and travel plans.
• Drop off favors, guest book, and pen at reception site.
• Have a massage.
• Take a deep breath.
• Sleep!

Wedding Day

• Confirm with people who you expect to give/lead toasts at the beach reception if needed.
• Set aside a private moment together to exchange gifts and a sweet congratulatory kiss.
• Take a moment to thank your parents and tell them you love them.
• Have fun! Enjoy your Destin beach wedding and the white sandy beach.

After the Wedding

• Have someone take your beach wedding dress and veil to be cleaned.
• Plan a time for you to write thank-you notes.
• Mail gifts to your parents to thank them for their help and support.
• Make sure all vendor bills have been paid.
• Find out when you can pick up your wedding video if you had one shot.
• Freeze the top layer of your beach wedding cake for your one year anniversary!

Destin beach photo

Destin beach wedding arch set up. See our Destin beach wedding minister website Destin Beach.Wedding or At The Beach

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