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The weather for Destin weddings on the beach is fantastic it’s a true tropical paradise with hot sunny beach days with a sea side breeze coming in off the water. Some days you can even feel the sea mist from the waves crashing on the shore (hay its Margarita time). The Destin weather is suited for beach weddings all year round even in our winter months we still have the sunny beach and you can feel the warmth of the sun to keep you warm. We offer Destin beach weddings seven days a week year round.

Our late fall and winter months offer some of the most amazing beach sunsets in the world with fire orange and red sky’s from the sun setting over the water. You have to experience this first hand to understand the true beauty of the Destin beach area. Fishing is also great year round.

Every summer we do have a lot of midday showers that help cool things down but they pass on before the later afternoon wedding time and by sunset most days the rain is gone and we have amazing Destin beach sunsets.

To keep track of the weather in our area you can use the links provides

Average Weather for Destin weddings on the beach

January 61 42 4.0” 64
February 63 44 4.3” 64
March 68 50 6.0” 66
April 76 58 4.5” 72
May 83 65 4.0” 78
June 89 74 3.4” 81
July 89 74 5.2” 83
August 90 74 7.2” 85
September 87 70 7.1” 84
October 80 59 6.8” 81
November 69 48 3.2” 72
December 63 44 5.0” 64